Vent Sesh

I’m going to apologize in advance for this post as it might not be the most positive, but I feel it needs to be said and this is my way of saying it.

I was out and about in beautiful, sunny Vancouver today and I was drinking in to-go cups (I try not to do this regularly) and eating out of to-go containers and didn’t have anywhere to put any of them! Vancouver’s current government is striving to be the Greenest City by 2020 and they’ve made some changes to help us achieve that goal, but I feel that some VERY basic changes are WAY overdue for a city of Vancouver’s size.

1. Compost!! Most to-go containers in this city are now compostable, which is awesome and I applaud the private companies for making the switch; unfortunately, there aren’t any composts to compost these compostable containers in! Riddle me that one people in charge of these things. Apparently people in detached houses have city composting; however, most of the population in this city doesn’t live in detached houses!

2. Recycling in public places. Recently a private recycling company rolled out 60 recycling bins around Vancouver, specifically at parks and beaches, woohoo, it’s about time! So tonight, after enjoying the meal created by playing my favourite game, Salad Bar Roulette, I went to use one of these new bins, only to find out that they’re for bottles and cans only! Seriously!? What is so hard about placing a compost/paper/plastic bin every other bus stop? I know it will be expensive, but so is disposing of unnecessary garbage!

I’ve also heard that there is such a thing as a recycling sorter!? Apparently this means everything goes into one bin and the sorter does all the work! One bin on the streets and one expensive sorter, or multiple bins on the street with the current method. Either way, I’d love a place to put my recyclables when I’m not close to home! And my compost when I am!