NOTICE: Changes Ahead

Hi Friends,

Yesterday morning, before coffee, I bought a new domain ( that I will be using as my website going forward. At this point, the template I am using on that site doesn’t have a blog section, so I will likely maintain Simply. Life. Food. Fitness. as my blog, at least for now.

This blog started as a place where I could house recipes I was using as I got back into baking after becoming gluten-free. And has since transformed into a way to express myself through words in my “musings” posts.

Now, using this site to also connect with students, and with plans of adding coaching and holistic nutrition services in the future, it felt time to start the migration to a full site with growth potential.

The day started by purchasing the domain, because, well, I liked it! All of a sudden it was 8pm and I had a new site on my hands! There are still many tweaks and changes to make to it – it’s a work in progress, as all of life is – but I’m excited for it! I’m excited for the freedom of a flexible website that can grow as my business grows. (Apparently, I am now calling this a “business”.)

My hope is that you will grow with me; and that The Simply will give you the tools and knowledge to help you build a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

In love,

PS. social media has also been opened and you can find The Simply on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @thesimplyca and hashtag #thesimply and #thesimplyca.

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