Tips & Tricks

We’re all just trying to do our best – in life, work, nutrition, fitness… Below are some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

* Throw dark leafy greens in EVERYTHING
Smoothie? Greens. Spaghetti sauce? Greens. Quinoa salad? Greens. Mac & Cheese? Greens.
Keep some frozen on hand

*  The 20 minute rule
My amazing friend Siobhan imparted this one on me. If you REALLY don’t want to workout, force yourself to do 20 minutes of something; if, at that 20 minute mark, you still don’t want to workout, you’ve at least gotten 20 minutes in; however, it’s very likely you’ll want to keep going, so do!

* Make a smoothie
Had a little too much fun last night? Having a day of bad choices? Throw together a wicked smoothie of powerful goodness! Make sure to put in some high quality protein powder and greens. I prefer to use Rice or Cashew milk and #thrive on Vega – it sits well in my stomach, plus it’s local.

* Give in to cravings (with caution)
I get serious Blizzard cravings; a lot of times I will tell myself I can have one, after my workout. This is the best trick in the book because post workout, my body is feeling so great, the LAST thing I want is a Blizzard! That being said, if the craving doesn’t go away, it’s better to give in to it than eat EVERYTHING in my path (healthy or not).