Thank you for stopping by! This started out as a blog, intended to be about simply living life; enjoying good, healthy food; and achieving fitness goals. It is now becoming a bit of a business site so you can find out more about my training and where you can find me teaching. I hope to get to know you through this site, and, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Vancouver, in person at one of my classes!

Life: I work a full-time office job in human resources and am a group fitness and yoga instructor before and after work. I am also starting the journey to become a professional coach in 2017. I strive to live a healthy, balanced life that creates a positive impact on those around me and the World at large – this is an ongoing journey. You can find out more about my goals in the blog section.

Food: Diet matters (not to be confused with “diets”). I believe in a life of balance and that includes allowing yourself to have “off” choices without punishment! Each moment is a new opportunity. I have been (mostly) gluten/wheat-free since 2010. I try to stick to organic, whole foods, but we all have our moments of desperation… I love Michael Pollan’s view of food: “Eat Food, not too much, mostly pants.” The food/recipes I post on here will showcase the 80/90% good, but I’m not a superhuman! It’s about balance.

Fitness: Oh fitness…I actually got my only D, ever, in PE when I was in junior high! Now, I couldn’t imagine a life without daily activity. This change in lifestyle has taught me not to judge myself, and what I can achieve, by looking at who I was – you are the only one who can limit yourself. I began teaching fitness in 2006 and fell in love with the experience of helping to create an environment for others to develop strength and confidence in themselves. Currently I teach spin, yoga and bootcamp classes, attend yoga classes, and try to go for a run/hike at least once or twice a week. In 2012 I completed my first 10k race (the 2012 Vancouver Sun Run), my first half-marathon (the lululemon SeaWheeze), and was a part of a team that completed the Meet Your Maker Ultra50 relay race!

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and learning about your adventures through Life Food Fitness!

In love,
~Alannah 🙂